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Dwight Yorke[20128]

Dwight Yorke

Dwight Yorke[20128]






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КНИГА НА АНГЛИСКОМ. revealing account of the life of Manchester United's popular striker, Dwight Yorke is a new kind of football book. In conversation with Hunter Davies this is Dwight Yorke's own account of his rise to superstardom at Old Trafford combined with Hunter Davies's interviews with the people Yorke met along his way and Davies's exploration of the true character of this footballing hero. Dwight Yorke is one of the most inspiring footballers to grace the Theatre of Dreams and his first season at Manchester United has seen him combine with Andy Cole to form a partnership envied across the world. His friendly smile and easy charm has ingratiated him with Man U fans to the extent that he is allowed to play with his collars turned up, Cantona style. But what of the man behind the smile? Dwight Yorke is the unique story of an incredible rise from playing football on the beach after Sunday lunch to playing football in front of the Old Trafford roar in the Champions' League. It is a classic rags to riches tale that encompasses the beaches of the Caribbean, the reserve pitches of Aston Villa and culminates in a magnificent first season at Manchester United. Hunter Davies and Dwight Yorke himself examine this fascinating tale. In his conversations with Hunter Davies, Yorke tells of his childhood in Tobago and of his determination to play football. He talks about the experiences of leaving his family and friends to make a new life in Birmingham, playing for Aston Villa. And he candidly discusses his move to Manchester United. But combined with this first hand account Hunter Davies interviews the characters that have peopled Yorke's meteoric rise to footballing fame. From friends and family in Tobago to the people that brought him over to the UK, Hunter Davies gives their account of this fascinating man. In this unique book, football superstar Dwight Yorke and acclaimed football writer combine to create a unique multi-dimensional portrait of a footballing hero and also a fascinating insight into what it is to be a footballer in the late twentieth century.
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